Terms of publication

Manuscripts should have been no prior publication nor being published in another journal .

The texts must be typed double-spaced , font of minimum 12 , maximum 25 lines per page , and sent in triplicate to the editor of the magazine. Photos , figures and tables are provided in triplicate . A diskette is required. The diskettes must be IBM or IBM - compatible type software Word 98 or 2000. They must be labeled with the name of the first author , the short title of the article, the software and the program.

Presentation texts

The first page of the manuscript should include the title of the article, the first name initials and names of authors, the name and full address of the institution where the work was done , titles and academic hospital affiliations every author , complete address with telephone and fax number of the author to whom correspondence should be sent . The arrangement of manuscripts is as follows: title page, abstract and keywords, text , references, tables , and figure legends . Pages should be numbered in order, the first page being that of the title page , and the last that of figure captions.

  • Original articles should not exceed 15 pages, references , figures and tables not included . They should systematically include an introduction, materials and methods section , results monitoring and discussion.
  • Editorials are solicited by the editors , and do not exceed 6 pages, including references , and limited to 10 .
  • Clinical facts and technical notes should not exceed 6 pages, not including references but limited to 15 .
  • General reviews may be requested by the editor. They should not exceed 20 pages. The references are not limited.
  • Letters to the editor should have a maximum of 2 pages and 5 references.
  • In general , abbreviations should be avoided whenever possible . They should be ± their first appearance in the text, after the word or phrase they shorten . Avoid using them in the title and abstract .

Abstracts and keywords

A summary in English and French abstract not exceeding in 250 words accompany the manuscript. This summary should be structured as follows for the original work : objectives, methods, results and conclusions. For clinical facts and the technical notes , the abstract should not exceed 100 words . 3-5 cl - ed words in French and English must be included in the summaries. They must be removed from the list of keywords of the Index Medicus


References are numbered in order of appearance in the text in Arabic numerals and brackets.


The headlines should be those listed in Index Medicus . References are presented in the style of Vancouver said :

  • For a review : MORTINIERA N.C. , MBAMEND AME S., Okome P., et al. Cockett syndrome : report of two cases.
  • For a review : MORTINIERA N.C. , MBAMEND AME S., P. Okome and Bull. Med. Ow endo , 2002, 20 : 3 6-38 . When there are more than 6 authors , list the first 3 followed by "et al " .al . Cockett syndrome : report of two cases.
  • For a chapter of a book : GJ Huang , WU YK . Operative technical for carcinoma of the esophagus and gastric cardia . In: GJ Huang , WU YK , editors . Carcinoma of the esophagus and gastric cardia . Berlin. Spriger 1984 : 313-34 8.
  • For a book : MAGER RF . How to set educational goals. Paris. Wiley , 2001, 71-87 .

Tables, figures and illustrations

Tables are numbered in Arabic numerals in the order of their first citation in the text. Each table is typed double-spaced on a separate sheet , indicating the number of the picture and its title. The content of the tables should not duplicate the text. The curves , diagrams, drawings, diagrams and other illustrations are numbered in Arabic numerals in the order of their first citation in the text. The documents must be of professional quality. They are supplied on paper black and white photo, glossy, size 13 x18cm . Indications are listed overleaf on an adhesive label indicating the name of the first author , the figure number and the sense of framing .

The supply of documents of any kind implies authorization of publication and reproduction only by the Journal, unless special prior agreement between the author and the publisher.

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